A Little Chaos


Period drama time! Alan Rickman’s A Little Chaos is fast approaching. It’s about 17 century France, floppy silk cuffs and landscape gardening, which sounds like a genre that could easily take the place of vampires and werewolves as the hot new teen craze for the mid 2010s.

In this seminal film, Kate Winslet plays a renegade gardener in a kingdom where gardening is confined to strict, government mandated rules. So, in fact, it’s a lot like Divergent if you replace the faction system with gardening. Or Footloose if, instead of dancing, you’re talking about rogue gardening. There are gardens in this film. It’s like if Alan Rickman narrated the Chelsea Flower Show, except it’s about one woman’s quest to install a gigantic statue of a cheeky gnome in the very centre of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. The trailer also leads me to believe that there is a molten core of romance running through it, so if you’re not so into the whole gardening deal then there’s a little something on the side to keep you entertained.